Comfort Bike
Comfort Bike
Retro Bike
Retro Bike
Child Bike
Child Bike
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Trekking Bike
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Retro Scooter

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Rent a bike in the downtown of Budapest, pick one from our cycles!

The ideal choice for a cycle tour in Budapest is perhaps our Comfort bike as it is a citybike to the fingertips. Its main characteristics are the Super Comforatble body position, Fast and Efficient riding, Perfectly cushioned saddle and 7 gears that are more than enough for Budapest.

If you prefer to take a chill-out ride in the downtown, our recommendation for you is our Retro City bike, that provokes attention with its 3 gears and a trendy unique design.

And if you are about to climb the hills on the Buda side, you should choose one of our Trekking bikes, however we also provide Child bikes for the case of a family ride. 

Accessories at Hi-Bike rental, like Helmets, Child seat, Security locks, Baskets can be used Free of charge. The only thing you should do is to tell us your need in our bike rental. :)

Comfort Bike
Retro Bike
Child Bike
Trekking Bike
Retro Scooter
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Do you feel to explore the city with a bike gliding under you and you can’t even notice it?

The New Duch batavus city cruiser is especially designed for this purpose.

Two telescopes - front and back suspension, cushioned seating, leather handles, adjustable handlebars, completele enclosed drive and 7 gears. The bikes have arrived directly from the Netherlands, where cycling in the city has a long tradition. Therefore, they know eaxctly how to make riding enjoyable for you.

 Rental Period  Price
 hourly  1200 HUF     
 3 hours  3000 HUF
 3-8 hours  3500 HUF
 24 hours  5000 HUF






Is it important for you to explore the city on a trendy but comfortable bike?

If yes, then we recommend you our  3 and 8 gear hub gear bikes.

Fat tyres and wide seat, as well as its suspension make it extremely comfortable and especially suitable for sightseeing. It allows you to ride it with upright body so that you could see as much as possible of our wonderful city.

 Rental Period  Price
 hourly  1000 HUF     
 3 hours  2500 HUF
 3-8 hours  3000 HUF
 24 hours  4500 HUF






Do the whole family want to knock about but there aren’t enough bicycles at home? There are bikes but the children have grown them out? We offer you some solutions in these cases as well. We recommend our child bikes from the age of 8.

They are handy because of their size, they are in bright colours, so they provide an excellent choice for you if you want to go on a trip or explore the city together.

 Rental Period  Price
 hourly  750 HUF     
 3 hours  1500 HUF
 3-8 hours  2500 HUF
 24 hours  3000 HUF






If you have decided to go on a longer trip or you have chosen bigger slopes, or you  would like to enjoy the panoramic view from Normafa, then our 24 gear trekking bike is the best choice for you. It is a very reliable companion in all circumstances.

If you wish to ride around the city easily with constant tail-wind independently from the distance and slope, then try our Retro Scooter. You’ll see that the experience speaks for itself. Each of the bikes offered by us is maintained regularly by professionals and they are all prepared for challenges in the city.

 Rental Period   Price
 8 Hours  8500 HUF     
 24 hours  9500 HUF

New Arrival! Segway Tour at Hi-bike! Roll around Budapest on two electric wheels!

SEGWAY TOUR by SegnRoll!

Do you feel just not peadling, but would explore on an economic way the city? Hop on to one of the brand new Off Road Segway’s and Discover Budapest with our experienced Guide. Several routes are available, ranging from one-hour ‘Get the Feeling Tour' ending up the three hour long 'VIP' Tour, where you will tell the attractions you want to see.

Would you like to enjoy the outlook of the Citadel? Smoothly loaded into! :) Rather You would enjoy the Buda Castle atmosphere, of course, our Segway easily can go up there. But the CityCenter, the Margaret Island or to the Heroe’s Square can also be part of the tour. Book the date on our site and the TourType can be selected at our shop before you start of the adventure!

Prices vary between 12000-21000HUF/person depending on tour type. In case of 5 participants or more the 20% group discount is achieved!

Birthday, bachelor party, team-building getaway?

Come and let’s roll around the city! :)

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